NEWS completed transaction for $380000

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Update time : 2023-03-23

According to reports, the word combination domain has recently completed a transaction for $380000.

The buyer of this domain name is TheTopHotels. The domain was registered in February 1997 and has been in existence for over 26 years. It is an old domain with a long history. The domain name was updated on March 6th this year, and it is believed that the domain name transaction transfer was completed on the same day.

Top Hotels is very suitable for projects related to hotels. Currently, accessing this domain name has redirected to, a platform that provides global luxury hotel booking services. The company's acquisition of the domain name is to upgrade the original official website domain name In contrast, is more concise and has a clearer meaning. The domain name on the official website perfectly matches the company's business, and users can clearly understand the company's business attributes by looking at the domain name.

Domain name, like the ID card of a company. In the era of digital economy, high-quality domain names that match the brand name of enterprises are still a symbol of enterprise strength. Good domain names are not only easy to remember and input, but also can attract more return rates and stimulate more potential customers.

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